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Are you building a new home and need a reliable roofer? Or do you need someone to come in and do a roof replacement for you? You’re in luck, our roofing company’s team has over 30 years combined experience placing new roofs and replacing old roofs on homes. Working with high quality products we provide expert services to our clients in Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas. Whether you have a pitched or flat roof, we can advise you on the best type of roof for your home.

Our team work on all types of roofing, using high quality materials, ensuring a strong and durable roof for your home. Contact us today to find out more.

New Roofs

There’s an obvious reason why you would need a new roof, you are building a new home. We understand that building a new home is a stressful time for everyone. From the planning stage you need to have an idea of what type of roof you want on your new home to ensure that it will work with the structure you are building. There are many different types of sloped roof shapes that are available to you. However, our team can also create a flat roof for your new home. Our roofing company is able to work with many types of roof construction. Below are some of the types of sloped roofs we construct:

  • Gambrel Roof

  • Mansard Roof

  • Gable Roof

  • Hip Roof

Replacement Roofs

When your roof gets damaged to a certain degree there are no levels of repairs that could patch it up. Storm damage is the leading reason you would need your roof replaced in Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas. There are many elements of your roof that may be damaged as well, we offer many other roofing services and are able to fix these issues too.

There are many signs that you can spot to tell if you need to get a roof replacement. If you notice any of the most common signs we have listed below, contact us for a quote:

  • There is water damage on your ceiling.

  • You can see light through the roof when in your loft.

  • Your roof is starting to sag in the middle.

  • Your roof is simply just old. 

  • Asphalt or pieces of tiles building up in your gutters.

  • You can see moss and mould growing out of control. 

Our roofing company will be able to remove the damaged roof and place a new one that fits the specifications you want for your home. Our team has worked on roof replacements for many years, and have become experts in their field. We work with high quality materials to construct the replacement to ensure it is built to a high standard. We can match the tile or slate to your previous roof or change that at your discretion.  

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