Leadwork in Brighton, Hove and The Surrounding Areas

Lead is an ideal material in construction for external use. This is because it is durable and malleable. Leadwork is used on roofs to direct water off of a building by covering the junctions between different elements of a roof. Our roofing company can make use of lead for aesthetic purposes too. There are many problems that can come up that affect the lead elements on your roof, necessitating roof repairs.

Our team at Brighton & Hove Roofing can come in to repair or replace the areas that are an issue, or we can add to the existing work to ensure it is strong and covers the right areas. Contact us today to find out more.

Common Causes of Damage

There are many things that can cause damage to the lead on your roofing. Each one will need our professionals to come in and repair the damage as they do not offer easy fixes. We go through the two most common causes of lead damage we usually deal with. Firstly, there are issues that come from improper installation. These include:

  • Ripples on the surface of the lead

  • Tears and rips to the lead

  • Restricted movement with temperature changes

  • Corrosion on the top and underside of the leadwork

All of these issues can be avoided by correctly laying the lead sheet with an underlay between it and the deck. Underlay is important to provide an even support surface for the lead sheet and can stop the lead sheet from making contact with a material that can cause corrosion. 

Secondly lead sheets can be affected by wind lift which causes distortion of the lead when it is not held in place securely. To keep the sheeting in place we use clips, the number we use is solely dependant on the size and function the lead is providing. We make use of either lead, stainless steal or copper clips to avoid reactions between the lead and other metals.


When our roofing company is called in to determine the cause of a leak and repair it, we usually find that the leak is caused by damaged lead elements on the roof. The main area that ageing leadwork is an issue is around the chimney on your home in Brighton, Hove and the surrounding areas. We can come in and work on any repairs you may need to the lead sheeting on your home to ensure you do not have problems now or in the future. If the lead sheeting elements on your home get damaged as well as your roof tiling, our team offer general roof repairs.

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