Flat and Pitched Roofing Company in Hove What to Look for in a Roof When Buying a New Home

When you are in the process of buying a new home, it is vital that you assess the state of the roof. If the roof is in need of roof repairs or leadwork it is important to know what you are possibly going to spend on these and if you want to. The worst outcome would be finding out that the roof is in need of a full roof replacement. Flat roofing is a different type of roof that you will find over smaller areas of the property, such as the garage. Here at Brighton & Hove Roofing, our roofing company can do these repairs or a replacement for you in Hove and the surrounding areas. Take a look at our previous work to see what we have done with repairs.

Below we go through the most important aspects to look out for when assessing the roof of a home you are thinking of purchasing.

You Get What You See

Many home owners use the tried and tested tricks to create a wow factor for potential buyers. From a new splash of paint to fresh flowers around, there are many ways that you can be drawn in. The inside of a home is the easiest and most affordable part to spruce up before selling. However, when it comes to the roof there are very few cosmetic fixes to hide the possible damage it may have. When you look at the roof you can see what repairs are needed, such as leadwork. 

With flat roofing the issues would be obvious and our team are able to handle roof repairs quickly. If repairs are not made quickly you could end up having to get a roof replacement.

The Chimney is Not Just for Show

A chimney is not just there to look pretty. It is part of the structure of your home and if it is showing signs of aging or damage it will need to be corrected. Our roofing company can come in and repair bulging or leaning chimneys to a high standard so you no longer have to worry that they will collapse through your roof.

Roofs are Not the Cheapest Fix

When looking at a new home you may feel you would like to change something in the kitchen such as tiles, these can be changed quickly and affordably. But when it comes to your roofing, damaged tiles, leadwork and guttering can cost a pretty penny to repair. Each type of roof will require different repair processes, from flat roofing to pitched roofing. These roof repairs need to be carried out so that you can avoid a roof replacement in the future. Types of roofing include:

Loft Extension

Taking a look at the loft space you may see potential there for a loft conversion in Hove or the surrounding areas. When it comes to your roofing it is imperative that you have the structure there to make use of. If your roof is falling apart and cannot be added to there is an added expense on top of the loft conversion you will have to deal with. Our roofing company offer competitive prices and can come in and assess the damage before you make any plans.

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