Roofing Company in Brighton and The Nearby Areas | The Common Signs That Show You Need a Roof Replacement

We all know that your roof is a vital part of your home. It keeps out the snow and rain, and helps you stay warm overnight. Our roofing company understands that roof repairs may seem like a big expense at the time, but they can keep you from having to spend more money down the line on a full roof replacement. We all know that there may not be time to check your roof for any issues with the leadwork or the chimney, these areas can be the biggest issue on your roof. If you don’t get a professional in to fix your flat roofing correctly you will need a replacement. You can trust us to meet your property’s needs with a range of roofing services if you live in Brighton or the surrounding areas.

We go through the most common signs that your home needs a new roof.

Roof Leaks

One roof leak is less likely to mean you need a roof replacement and may only be in need of some minor roof repairs. However, if you are noticing more than one leak it may be best to do a little inspection. Just after some rainfall you can go into your loft and have a look around to see if there are any signs of leaks. Most serious leaks will start here. 

If you notice that the leaks are concentrated to one area of your roof you may not need to replace your entire roof. These still need our professionals to come in and make repairs, including leadwork on your roof. Putting off these repairs will definitely lead to a replacement over time.


If there are any signs of mildew or mould on your ceiling or possibly your walls, this could be a sign of condensation or leaks. When growth occurs, it can cause damage to your home as well as to your health depending on the type. Below are the common types of growth our roofing company have dealt with, that can cause issues for your flat roofing in Brighton and the surrounding areas:

Roof Cracks

Cracked tiles are usually caused by wind damage. When only a few tiles are cracked it is simpler and more cost effective to repair them. If you in turn have many separate patches of cracked tiles, we suggest that you get your roof replaced within the next 3 years. To be sure that you need a professional to come in for a replacement and not just some leadwork, go into your loft and if you see cracks of light streaming, we will come in to determine if you need roof repairs or a replacement.


We all know that buildings in Brighton and the surrounding areas can be very old. Our roofing company has worked with clients who have 100-year-old roofs when working on their roof replacements. Roofing materials have always lasted the longest, however with the changes in weather this lifespan can decrease. Over time you will need to get a professional in to assess the roofing to ensure it is safe. Flat roofing generally lasts longer as it is treated and more solid than pitched roofs.

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